Nina Pak

Nina Pak

I have always been drawn to symbolic imagery, from ancient orthodox Icons to Tibetian Tankas, art that tells a story of the soul’s journey is of interest to me. Painters that have worked with symbolic elements such as the Pre-Raphaelites who’s paintings often depict mythological stories, and surrealists who delve deeper into psychological meaning, are what I study. I have a lifelong love affair with these paintings, which are not only objects of beauty but also have a message. I find that I am drawn to reflections and shadows, mirrored images, textures and delicate details, anything that has potential for a story. Small objects from nature, little antique treasures, costumes that speak for themselves, something unique and wonderful. I like different. A model does not have to have a typical beauty to be of interest to me, I like unusual features. They also do not have to be agency represented, tall or stick thin… unless it is a shoot for fashion and the samples are for tall, thin models. Mostly I am interested in art, so I require a model who is comfortable in their skin, who is graceful with their hands, who can show me some depth of mood and expression. I like someone who can do awkward without being uncomfortable. Our lifetimes are one long journey to discover who we are and what we are capable of. Hopefully we learn soon enough to do something good for the world, and to manifest beauty through our art.

I worked as the curator for the Glendale Arts Council for many years. I was the design editor for AustralAsia magazine in Moscow Russia. Now I work as the Art director and staff photographer for Miroir Magazine.

I started my career using film but I am now a digital photographer. My Interests are: Fashion, publication, hand-made art books, visual journals, collaborative art books, design & layout. My focus is currently with digital medias and design. However I love doing Alt process printing, painting, and mixed media projects.

My education was in painting and print making. It was never my intention to be a photographer. But I have now been working with this medium for more than 30 years.

I am a wardrobe stylist, set designer and hair stylist. These skills developed out of necessity. These projects are credited under the business name Dreamloka.

I have published work in various international magazines, which include both covers and spreads. My art is on the covers of novels in several countries. I have eleven self published photography books and I’ve been published in several anthologies such as Spectrum Best Contemporary Fantasy Art, and other books about the digital process.

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