Barbara Kuebel

Barbara Kuebel - Woodcut

Born and raised in Austria, Barbara Kuebel earned two art degrees from the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. Painting and Art Education. She also obtained a BSc degree in Social Psychology from The Open University UK and a MS degree Social Psychology from Walden University Minnesota/ Program Planning and Program Evaluation in Forensic Settings.

Bold and monochromatic colour palettes and pencil strokes – which she sees as an essential carrier of visual information – expand her subjects against a simplified backdrop. There’s a monumentality to these vessels that knot and press together, appearing deformed at first glance. The blacks and white become more like matter than colour, adding to this sense of vastness – a breach of traditional frameworks. Barbara’s figures are pioneers for the emancipation of traditionally accepted artwork. Barbara intends that the abstract bodies in the prints be unrealistic, opening up a chasm of pure possibility and creativity for the viewer.

Barbara Kuebel - Woodcut

currently on exhibit

Night Cats

Wood Cut Print on Paper / Mounted
57 in x 64 in

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